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Residential Conveyancing – Our Costs

This firm’s objective is to ensure that each transaction runs as smoothly as possible and to provide a friendly and personal service to each of its clients from beginning to end.

Below are our typical range of fees, for each transaction.

In order for us to provide you with a bespoke cost, please contact the office.


£0.00                      –     £200,000.00       £600.00

£200,000.00           –     £350,000.00        £700.00

£350,000.00           –      £500,000.00        £750.00

£500,000.00           –      1 million               £1,200.00


£0.00                       –     £200,000.00        £600.00

£200,000.00           –      £350,000.00         £700.00

£350,000.00           –      £500,000.00        £750.00

£500,000.00           –      1 million               £1,200.00

All fees shown above are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate

For any properties over £1 million sale or purchase please note a bespoke estimate of costs will be required

Fees may be charged for transactions that do not proceed unless we have specifically stated otherwise in our initial paperwork to you. However, we always seek to ensure that if a sale or purchase is not completed you are charged on a fair basis to cover the cost of the work undertaken to date and not the full price of the transaction.

On very rare occasions, we have cause to increase the initial quotation for the fees as stated above.  This is where are an extraordinary set of circumstances has been involved i.e. particular difficulties with the title to the property or complications arising from the property search results undertaken by the seller or purchase which reveal unforeseen entries which may require further investigation.  We would always advise you in advance if such circumstance were likely to give rise to an increase in costs on that basis.

We do  make an additional charge for the following which are subject to VAT :-

Conveyancer check fee £10.00

TT fee £20.00

SDLT fee £50.00

Leasehold Fee £100.00

Shared Ownership Fee £100.00

Unregistered Title Fee £50.00

Declaration of Trust Fee £150.00

File Storage Fee £30.00

All the fees shown above are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate


There are disbursements which are incurred which will be charged for as an addition to the sale or purchase price.  Our initial quotation will refer to these.  These are search fees., and are normally between £300-£400.00 depending on area. Fees for searches we shall provide you with details of the quotation on a particular purchase as required. There could be additional disbursements that are incurred during the course of the transaction, however, we would always notify you in advance as to why the possible disbursements may be incurred, for an example an indemnity insurance fee.

Stamp duty and land registry fees will apply on a purchase and we would direct you to look at the following websites for estimates

Stamp Duty  – Please refer to –

H M L R Fee – Please refer to –

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