Criminal Offences


McGregors provide expert legal defence advice and defence representation, throughout the country, to those suspected of, or charged with, offences involving conspiracy to import drugs, drug importation or conspiracy to supply drugs or drug supply, usually involving drugs such as Heroin, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Ecstasy, Amphetamine, MKAT and Cannabis, but including the full range of Class A, B and C drugs.

Prosecutions for such offence can be long and complex and require expert legal defence representation. Conviction frequently results in substantial sentences of imprisonment and orders for confiscation under the Proceeds of Crime Act.


Sexual offences include Rape, Sexual Assault and Assault by Penetration, Possession of Indecent Images.

Sexual offences are usually prosecuted at the Crown Court. As the offence is often prosecuted only on the evidence of the victim of the alleged offence, it is essential to receive expert legal advice at the first opportunity.

Public funding is available for legal defence in such cases.


Investigations and prosecutions for murder, conspiracy to murder, manslaughter or corporate manslaughter brought by the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service are often lengthy and wide-ranging and involve long and complex investigations. If you are being investigated or charged with matters relating to Murder or Manslaughter then you will require expert legal defence representation.

Obtaining expert defence solicitors at an early stage is vital. Public Funding (Legal Aid) may be available for legal defence representation in murder, conspiracy to murder, manslaughter and corporate manslaughter cases.


McGregors provide expert legal representation and advice on all theft offences ranging from shoplifting to thefts of expensive items such as prestige cars, large amounts of cash and antiques.

We also have extensive experience of theft from employers cases and have helped many clients in relation to work related theft, whether it be from accounts from transactions or stock theft.


These are offences which do not involve the original theft of the stolen item or items but require the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service to prove that the client either knew or was suspicious that the items were stolen and handles the items by storing them, removing them, disposing of them or selling them. A client is also guilty of the offence if he assists in carrying out any of the above tasks.


These offences will often involve a client actively deceiving another by giving false information in order to obtain an advantage which could include obtaining money, a bank loan or credit card, an insurance settlement or a service.

These offences will often be dealt with at the Crown Court especially if a large sum of money is involved and as a result legal advice should be obtained at the earliest opportunity.

Public funding is often available for offences which fall into this category.


The offences require the Crown Prosecution Service to prove the client used or threatened violence towards the victim and the client stole or attempted to steal an item or items of property from the victim.

The offence of Robbery is defined as an indictable only offence which means that it can only be dealt with in the Crown Court and usually carried a substantial sentence of imprisonment.

Youths are often dealt with in the Crown Court.

Due to the likely sentence if a client is convicted, it is essential to try and obtain detailed legal advice at the earliest stages.

The offences covers a range of offences from attempted robbery, street robbery, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.


As the offence of simply being in possession of a firearm carries a minimum sentence of 5 years imprisonment, it is essential to obtain legal representation at an early stage.

The majority of firearms offences will be dealt with at the Crown Court and public funding is available for legal defence representation.


Conspiracy requires the Crown Prosecution Service to prove an agreement between at least two people to commit a criminal offence and can include an agreement to commit a range of offences from murder, robbery, rape, burglary, money laundering and to import or supply drugs to more minor offences such as theft, public order or assault.

The offence can only be prosecuted at the Crown Court, so legal advice is recommended at the earliest stage and public funding is available.


There are different categories of assault ranging from Common Assault to GBH. Some of the offences can be heard in the Magistrates’ Court and the more serious can only be heard in the Crown Court.

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