It is a matter of choice to the individual as to whether they would wish to be represented under the Legal Aid Scheme, in circumstances where Legal Aid may be available, or whether they would wish to cover the costs of their representation on a private fee paying basis, provided they have sufficient means.

Certain cases will not, in any event, attract the benefit of Legal Aid. Where an individual wishes to instruct the firm on a private fee paying basis, we will provide an estimate of costs, including our charge-out rates, and estimates of costs will be up-dated on a periodic basis. Clients will be asked to provide payments on account, which payments will be held in client account until bills of costs are submitted.

We will discuss arrangements as to the discharge of costs in detail with our client, ensuring that the client is fully aware of all of the costs implications involved, including the cost of instructing Counsel, and where necessary, expert witnesses, and any other disbursement charges.

In some cases Legal Aid should be applied for even if unlikely to be successful to ensure that on a successful outcome, following trial, a claim for a Defendant’s Costs Order could be made to reimburse part of costs incurred on a private basis.